MGAO is inspired by ‘the everyday’. We have a very simple approach to Architecture which searches for ‘common’ over ‘new’; we look to established conventions, such as building typologies (e.g. beach shacks), existing conditions and site context for inspiration. We believe their is beauty in these simple elements, and aim to translate this simplicity into beautifully designed buildings.


MGAO engage with the tradition of Architecture, generating designs through the realities of construction.

We are inspired by common construction methods, humble materials, and simple forms. We aim to design projects which respond sensitively to their unique environments.


Working with a refined set of tools; Materiality, Proportion, Prospect and Light, MGAO respond creatively to any brief whilst promoting the importance of quality over quantity and timelessness over trend.


We don’t believe Architecture should be overly complex. We don’t strive to create dynamic forms, instead we look to produce designs which are simple and restrained. Whether the project is large or small, we aim to produce buildings which form backgrounds to our daily lives – spaces to be lived in.