• YEAR: 2013
  • SIZE: 205m2

This project is private residence located in Valla, a small village in the Nambucca Valley on the mid north coast of NSW. The site itself is situated on a small plateau, bound on 3 sides by valley and on one side by dense bush land. The buildings long, thin plan runs along the northern edge of the plateau, orientating itself toward the sun and views to the valley beyond.

The northern and southern façades are distinctly different, one open and one closed. The southern ‘closed’ façade is clad entirely in corrugated sheet, providing the house with a homogenous, rural quality. The numerous barns and hay sheds, which dot the landscape alongside the Pacific Highway, inspire the blankness of the southern façade, which conceals the activities that occur inside and the views of the valley beyond.

The ‘open’ northern façade is broken into 3 distinct blocks, one for working, one for living and one for sleeping. All 3 blocks are connected by a spinal corridor, which runs the length of the project and also functions as a gallery spacedisplaying the client’s photography work. Each block opens out to the valley in a manner appropriate for the function of the room, by drawing the surrounding landscape into the interior spaces or by omitting the view to provide a sense of seclusion and privacy.