Wye River

Wye River is a small town located along Victoria’s famous Great Ocean Rd, 2.5hrs from Melbourne.

A beautiful hamlet located between the rugged coastline and an equally wild bushy mountain backdrop.


On Christmas day in 2015, Wild bushfires swept through the townships of Wye River and Separation Creek, destroying 116 homes.


Matt reached out to the 12 permanent residents who lost their homes in the Bushfire, offering his services probono to help them through the rebuild process.

3 families accepted his offer, and over the following 4 years, Matt worked closely with these families through all stages of the design and construction process.

Ensuring that each Client found their way into their new homes.


Since the 2015 Bushfires, Matt and the MGAO team has gained extensive experience working within the townships of Wye River, Separation Creek, Kennett River and Apollo Bay.

Our initial offer to help the local residents on the rebuild journey, has developed into a personal life and career changing journey for the office.

We are extremely grateful for the faith that the local families had in our young office. And we take great pride in the projects that we deliver for each of them – and hope that they enjoy their new, Bushfire resilient homes